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Session Fee: $65/hour or $35/30 minutes
Package: 3 Sessions for $165.00 ($30.00 savings)

Reiki is the ancient Japanese art of laying-on-of-hands to utilize life’s energy flow to benefit the body, mind and spirit. Reiki offers profound relaxation and is wonderful for reducing pain and stress, and, in many instances, offers profound healing benefits to the receiver.

The practitioner serves as a conduit for transmitting this “life force energy” through their hands to the client by means of specific hand placements. Light touch is used on or above the client’s clothed body. It is safe and can be applied as a whole treatment or in brief intervals to relax and boost an individual’s ability to heal themselves. It is soothing and comforting. Reiki treats the whole person including body, emotions, mind and spirit. The beneficial effects include relaxation and feelings of peace, security and well-being.

Intuitive Readings

1 Hour Session Fee: $85.00
1.5 Hour Session Fee: $130.00
(Includes digital recording via online download)

Anyone who has a desire to experience positive self-transformation and growth in a gentle, peaceful and loving way would benefit from working with their Spiritual team.

Through a guided, intuitive reading which may sometimes include past lives readings, and a wide variety of angel clearing techniques, you will receive messages of hope and answers to your questions. I incorporate my Spiritual Coaching style to this type of session which would incorporate the sharing of helpful tools to encourage you to do some homework to further the positive change in your life and apply the guidance that I offered.

It is a privilege for me to be an intermediary for your guidance from your Spirit guides and it is my wish for you that upon completion of your reading, you feel that a weight is lifted from your shoulders and that you carry that hope with you to make a positive change in your life.



Live Spirit Communication

“This is also a branch of intuitive work, defined as communicating with the spirit of a human, or animal, that is still in physical form. Because souls are always on the multidimensional, non-physical plane of Light” (Soul Vibrations Consulting ©), I can receive messages and impressions from both living and deceased spirits through the process of tuning in. All sessions may include Live Spirit Communication.

Spiritual Health Coaching

1 Hour Session Fee (1 person): $85.00
1 Hour Session Fee (2 people): $130.00
1 person Coaching Package 3 sessions: $230.00
2 person Coaching package 3 sessions: $340.00

The gentle process of Spiritual coaching is to allow room for the other person to move, explore and discover their own true thoughts and feelings, and most importantly, allows room for the Divine energies to come into the space for assistance. Through a blend of Spiritual Health Coaching techniques and Intuitive Guidance, my goal is to help clients heal themselves. I may help you recognize any spiritual disconnection; address any possible mental block, emotional issue or physical ailment arising from the issues that may be challenging you. You may experience a reduction in stress, an improvement in your quality of life, and find your way to striving toward working at your peak performance. Once you have identified your desired outcome after a brief discussion, interaction is required to enhance the benefits experienced from the session. A series of sessions may be beneficial and homework is involved with ongoing coaching packages.

Readings also conducted via Skype or by phone

Professional Code of Conduct
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Session fee incl. $4 PayPal fee