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Sue Berard is an Intuitive Wellness Consultant, working with her intuitive abilities in many areas, such a Spiritual Health Coaching, readings for personal guidance, as a certified Reiki Practitioner and more. She has been intuitive all of her life and has been serving local, national and international clients since 2011.

Although her career path first took her into the travel industry as a travel counselor and then a career in the airline industry with Air Canada, followed by self-employment as a financial adviser and Executive Sales Director for a national financial company, she discovered that serving people by helping them with their travel arrangements and finances was not her Divine Path.

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A sudden tragic loss of a beloved nephew and a subsequent personal illness were catalysts that changed her life forever! These events offered clarity on her true life purpose and she began to focus on her priorities as opposed to her obligations. She took a leap of faith by resigning from her established career in the financial industry, beginning a new life of choosing to focus on reclaiming her health and living her dream of sharing the blessings of her gifts to help others.

Her journey began with taking her training to become a Reiki practitioner. Through that process, the true depth of her intuitiveness began to become very clear because of the accurateness of the Spiritual messages she received during Reiki sessions with clients. A door had opened and the journey sped up now that she was free to truly pursue her life’s passion, to fully develop her gifts to serve others. Subsequent courses in mediumship, licensing as a Spiritual Health coach, and ongoing education are accessed to enhance a clients’s overall experience in their private sessions.

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